Small Elctric Burners


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PERFECT FOR ALL HOMES! Our design allows for a slow subtle release of fumes, perfect for allowing your room or home to be filled with a lovely and beautiful scent of your choice
— RELEASE A RELAXING, SOOTHING SCENT THROUGHOUT YOUR HOUSE! Simply turn on your bakhoor incense burner, add your scent into the metal pot and allow the burner to do the rest of the work!
— A BEAUTIFUL AND TRADITIONAL DESIGN! Preserve the tradition in bakhoor incense burners with a modern touch. Instead of using in order to burn the scent you can now use electricity
— IDEAL FOR RELAXING BEFORE SLEEPING! Simply place whatever soothing scent you would like into the bowl and switch on the burner, the incense burner will allow for a slow, controlled release of scent and fumes.


Electric Incense Burenr

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